Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas movies' time

I started watching Christmas movies


first on the list of 100 best Christmas movies was 12 Dates of Christmas

I did not want to watch it, because I did not like the poster of that movie

I was thinking about, well, some ugly guy gets some hot girl on Christmas eve

I was looking on that poster and decided to see who else is starring there

imagine my surprise, when I got to know, that ugly guy is actually super hot Mark-Paul Gosselaar

I knoooooow


he looks hot in the movie as well, I do not know who created that poster, but they must fire that person

as for the hot girl, she looks much better on poster

I did not like the movie, bur mostly because I don't like the movies where the same day repeats itself over and over and over again (exception: episode of Supernatural)

you don't have to be genius to understand, that you will see it 12 times

and you know how it ends :)

I did not have any sympathy for them: the girl was pathetic, the boy was overreacting



so if you are a girl

I would recommend it only if you like Mark-Paul


if you are a guy

there was a team of hockey players

with a loooot of black players in it


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