Monday, December 14, 2015

I can ice skate the sh*t out of you

that was my exact thought when after many years we went ice skating

we looked like cows on ice

at the beginning we felt like that as well

but then I kinda got in the mood


one of my friends even agreed to ice dance with me



we had skated for 50 minutes and I did not even feel tired


the one who can't even run 500m without mentally cursing like a sailor:)

sports is not my thing


apparently it does not include ice skating

I wanted to skate more and more and a little bit more:)

my girls told me, that I looked like a skater in my dress


I still refuse to wear pants :)

anyways, we agreed to skate more often

like come on

I have an ice hall on the other side of our bridge :)

10 minutes slow walking:)

but I still had not understand how did a get a scratch

I was skating in my dress and I had tights (not the thermo tights, but regular thin ones)

no jacket, no pants

I got a heavily bleeding scratch behind my knee

I felt like my skin is tearing and when I finally looked at my knee I saw a little bit of blood

I thought maybe it was the result of my fake falling (I did not fall while skating and in the end I decided skating is not skating if you did not fall on ice, so I kinda did it on purpose)

but my tights we not torn

how can I scratch my leg from the inside?:)

I still think I have the skin on my legs so tight, that even a 50 minute skating can harm it

frooooom the inside :)

had problems stopping the blood, when I got home (perks of being diabetic)

and I still have a bruise and a cut there :)

but even with my fragile legs I can ice skate the shit out of you


wanna go ice-skating?

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