Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I decided not to take money

I have enough money now to buy a good used car

but I will not buy it

I will not buy anything

or invest them in something

I decided it is wrong to use those money, because it is not mine

we had an agreement with my father, that he will pay half of my Finnish rent, so my mother opened an account to put that money on it

I thought it was okay, since my father offered paying himself, I did not ask for it

he earns good money

my parents also pay for my ferry tickets to Finland and back

I thought it is okay as well

I don't think that now

I am too spoiled and maybe that's why I agreed to work having slave salary

I want to buy a car

but I will not do that

in January I will use only my money

only what I earned myself

I am pretty sure I will be back home in Tallinn by the end of month with zero euros in my pocket

and that is how it has to be

you can not spend more than you earn

even if it is your family money you should not spend it

gonna find a higher paying job much faster now

when you don't have money to eat

you start doing something

and you do not agree to work for 1300 a month


if to calculate

without my parents financial help

I am paying:
  • 410 for A ROOM, not an apartment
  • 155 for a public transport tickets
  • 150 for ferry tickets (75 twice a month)
  • 17 for mobile internet + 10 for calls and messages
that would be 742

those are needed each month, leaving me with 558 for the rest of the month on everything

I can not skip meals, because I am ill

and I am eating a lot

did you see the food prices in Finland?

HIGH as mountains


then add medicines, beauty products, hockey tickets, unforeseen expenses (and bank expenses, why the fuck do they charge so much on nothing?)

I am human, I go to hockey at least once a month too (buy cheap tickets for 20)

18,6 euros I can spend every day to have 0 by the end of the month

but I want to have a car

I need to put aside at least 200 every month and in a year I will be able to buy some shitty car for 2400

that would leave me 358 for living which is 12eur a day



numbers don't lie

I do not think it is right to downgrade my preferable lifestyle level only to stay at work I really love

I love my job, I really, really do

but franticly counting "I hope it is less than 12 eur, or I have nothing to eat tomorrow" is not the price I am willing to pay for loving my job

dear Estonia

expect me back in February :)

numbers don't lie

and I will no longer working in negative bank account balance, only because I love my pipe nation boys, my colleagues and my job in general - "no, there is no man, I am the senior surveyor here" - gonna miss using that line:)))

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