Friday, December 25, 2015

I don't understand why people love Paris so much

I really tried

I tried to fall in love with the Eiffel tower

with french language

and french food

and french movies

well, apparently I have absolutely nothing french in me


from the pictures I saw I still think, that Paris is pretty much just an ugly old town, trying to be romantic and ignoring all the trash (and I am not talking only about actual garbage now)

I do not like french language

I do not like the way it sounds (it is so soft, like a chewing gum, like if french people are afraid to toughen up)

I do not like modern french literature

I read it

plenty of it

but I can't name a single modern writer

I only remember old school Voltaire (but if keeping in mind how many years he lived outside France, it is hard to say he was Frenchy boy), Stendhal (Russia, Italy etc), Jules Verne and Dumas (pretty much the only French authors I respect), and there is Hugo (still think Notre-Dame de Paris is way overpriced)

almost all of them are from 19th century

so I don't understand why French people are so proud of their literature (from my experience, most of the novels were "E L James of that time" kind of novels)

movies are the same - you just can't add naked person in the movie doing some repetitive crap and then call it art house movie that you have to love, because it is french and you muuuust looooove everything french

or that hideous amount of iron they call Eiffel tower

it is like if they are trying a little bit too hard for the rest of the world to love them

I don't accept that kind of forced love

my dream love country is definitely not Paris

I like calm and wild and the same time:)

Iceland and Ireland

they are both fire and ice at the same time, but very confident and self oriented

they don't need to force you to love they

you either love it, or not

if not, then they just don't give a slight damn about that :)

I want to go to Iceland to see ice caves and geysers

I want to go to Ireland to visit Dublin and Belfast and then to go to some really small town village with their local pub, just talk to people about their lives and then for some reasons I want to run it the fields:)

I have that strange desire for many years now

to run in the Ireland fields:)))

you can love everything French

but I just don't

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