Monday, December 28, 2015

I know my biggest weakness now

I just typed "now" as "snow"

I guess I am missing snow a little bit too much

nobody gave me the snow

so here is a picture for myself

back to weaknesses

my biggest weakness is not that I am such a huge moody jerk


thats my biggest pain the the ass

my weakness is inability to make a choice

I realized it couple of days ago, when I bought 5 different packs of tampons


do I need it?


one would be perfectly enough

but I saw the new improved one, the old good one, the fancy one, the new company one and the pink one

and I bought it all

then I came home

thinking Whaaaaat the actual heeeeeeell

and I saw it

I have at least 7 hand creams

5 toothpastes (using 3, 2 are in the beauty box, but still)

and other things

all in pretty good alternatives

what I use in every day life

I have AT LEAST 3 different kinds of

at first, I thought I have some shopping problem

but I do not buy things I won't use

I just can't stick with one option

same with men

I am not kidding now, one of my close friends already came up with the nickname "your primary future husband" for the man I like the most at work

did you mention the word "the most"?

that's right

in addition to my favorite one, each week I have at least two others

the two always change

but still

I can't even stick to one man

I can not choose

I am always looking for some other options

how the hell is that possible?

I know what I want

but I can't find it

one thing I found

Dior Addict mascara :)

when I found it, I stopped buying dozens of other ones

but I thought about buying another one

did not buy it

does it mean I can stop choosing when I found the right one?

does it include men?

will I stop having side loves, when I meet The man?

I think so

I am a moody jerk

and now I am a picky bitch

but I know what I am looking for

and I need to stand with no more than 2 options, when I buy every day goods


if I lower my expectations, I am pretty sure I will always cheat on my man, because I will always know he is not The man

but I did not switch my hockey team when our crisis happened after all

so I am loyal

to the people I had chosen


my future man will be the happiest man on Earth when he realizes, that out of aaaaaall of the men in the world, I had chosen him

by that time he probably will realize how hard for me it is to stay with one option


I am a tough cookie indeed

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