Thursday, December 31, 2015

I must feel bad

getting more ill

getting older

still single with small heart capacity to love

but but buuuuut

I love my life now

I love how I look and how I feel

I love how I look with make up as much as I love myself with no make up

I love my hair in perfect style as much as I love it hobo style

I am like a monkey now :)

each time I see a reflecting surface I freeze for a moment enjoying the look :)

should I feel bad?

yeah, probably

I am not a top model

but somehow I do not compare myself to other girls anymore

it is like if I suddenly reached a point of no return

I accepted my ill body (even you, my betraying heart), my wicked mind and not perfect appearance

aaaand if to put it all together, I happened to come out one hell of an amazing person with no possibility to replace me :)

and if you can't replace me, I can't compare myself with you


I am perfect :)

in comparison with every single person who is like me, I always win

because they are me, myself and I :)

King Jana is back

but now I am willing to accept the Queen title :)




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