Sunday, December 20, 2015

I wanted to say that he is aging well

but then I saw a video

and now I think Bryan Adams should accept the fact that he is not young anymore

if telling complete truth: he looks older than 56

I would give him 66

but maybe because I am bit mad at him


uses young girl as his love interest in his new video

I am updating my music collection and when I saw that Bryan Adams has a new album at first I was surprised, because I was sure he had retired already from the music business

I had listened to it and I liked it

he is still super nice man

with super cute lovely songs

I liked You belong to me, because, like come on, he knows the right words to melt any woman's heart:)

especially in the world of passive men, who can't even start a conversation

but then I saw the video and though, daaaaaym you look too old for that girl

being helpless romantic as I am (shut up, I still believe in love) I now think, that young girl is the memory of the his wife when she was young and now for some reasons they are apart from each other (hopefully she is not dead) and he is just remembering her touches

here is the video

I think the way girl's hands hug his body is super intimate and it looks amazing

kudos to the director of that video

if only Bryan had not looked as her grandfather


I just wanna hooooooo oooooo oooooooo ld you

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