Saturday, December 19, 2015

My weird food preferences

"That is weird even for you" said my niece, when I told her, that every Sunday I have a strong need to drink lemon soda or juice

the more lemon is in it, the better it is

lemon drinks where sugar is on the first place in the ingredients list is not suitable at all

it has to be so sour, that it can burn everything out inside you :)

and it has to be Sunday

every time I see a lemon juice on any other day I think "naaay, I don't want that now"

but every Sunday, like some Cinderella looking for her prince, I am looking for a lemon juice

another one is wok noodles

I do not cook them

I do not use sauces

I just eat them like chips

open a bag and eat it

Santa Maria Wok noodles

and I do my best not to eat anything that was not previously packed or cooked in front of me

for some unexplained reason people tend to feed me meat when they got to know I don't eat meat

I still remember, when I came to one of my closest friends birthday family party and there was a lot of food

a loooooooooooot of food (like on any Russian birthday)

my friend knew that I don't eat meat and I said, that there is no need to make special dishes for me, I can eat simple potatoes with nothing

when I came to her birthday I realized there was absolutely not a single dish without meat

which is okay, since I don't eat much after all, so I thought I can pass on the food, simply drinking juice

but no

since it was sort of "whole family gathering with couple of close friends" kind of birthday, her mother when she saw, that I had not eaten anything, said that it is extremely disrespectful towards her not to eat anything, when she spent so many time in the kitchen and she put some meat salad on the plate and passed it to me

I did not want to ruin the party, so I took it and started to look for potato slices and other vegetables

I kinda ate it

without eating the meat

but I still remember the feeling thinking "but you are one of my best friends, why would you let that happen"

we are still awesome friends

but since that day I had never been to her home anymore:)

it is like some sort of a game
  • feed a person who doesn't eat meat, some meat and then make a comment saying "see, you ate meat without dying, so stop making out some rules and eat like a normal person should eat"
  • make a drink for somebody who does not drink alcohol, add some alcohol in it and then make a comment saying "see, you can drink alcohol without dying, so stop being such a picky bitch and drink alcohol like everybody do"
I have had that way too many times


so I do not take food which is not packed or had not been made in front of me

I do that only from the people I completely trust

it is like a trust test


wanna know how much do I trust you, offer me some opened food

if I take it, I trust you 100%

if I don't, then we are just not that close yet


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