Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The rat, the woman and the team

latest news

our captain left the team

because he got a better offer and could not wait until we resolve our financial issues


I already compared Espoo Blues with sinking ship, so I continue that allegory

Espoo Blues is the sinking ship

who are the first ones to leave the ship?


who among the first ones left Espoo Blues?

Siim Liivik

here you go, Siim

have a new nickname: The Rat

suits your greedy personality much, is not it, The rat?

moving on

who leave the ship next?

Women and children

who left the team next?

our cap Kim Hirschovits


captain is the one, who suppose to leave the ship the last one or to sink with it

but noooo

our former captain wears dresses now and applies make up like a girl

wanna know her (he is she now) new name?

Kimberly Hirschobitch

Dear Kim, thanks for all you did in out team and I hope the new Kimberly who you turned into, will be perfectly fine in Kärpät


I have a perfect friend for you

he earns a lot of money now as well

you all know him

Rick Nash

another CRAPtain, who left the team in the darkest times, you will be the best friends with your perfect team, perfect families and perfect future

only that we will always remember your betrayal

yesterday we played in CHL against Kärpät (Kimberly left THE DAY OF THE GAME)

for the first 10 minutes we were like blind kittens

lost without familiar faces

we end up with the 2:0 win


we played like hungry men

hungry for the win

and we beat the shit out of that Kärpät team

because our team is THE TEAM

rats run away from the ship

women left the team

good repair men joined the team

and even if we are going to lose every single game, the most important one we already won

the day our craptain left

I see how my men want to win

how they want to play

how they reacted to every goal

and I liked what I saw

we are the team

and we lost all the ballast

and we will do everything to rise up

Meet our new captain: Kalle Kaijomaa, young blood

our outstanding goaltender Kaapo Kähkönen (who looks like a killer, because he can kill your shots)

cutie pie of the team Roope Talaja (who for some reasons looked extremely sad last night, but that did not stop him playing good)

and my new favourite player Jari Sailio (aka The Perfect Beard, aka The Happy Man (he can easily kill with his smile)) who played like a god yesterday








Dear Espoo Blues

We believe in you

and we support you!

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