Tuesday, December 29, 2015

TV shows make me feel stupid but I still have hope

before the era of the small screen I thought I am pretty much smart

like smartie smart

what the hell

I thought I am the smartest of my friends


aaaand pretty much smarter than 97% of my school mates

aaand university

but then this happened

The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, Mentalist, Sherlock, House MD, Scorpion

just to name few


and I realized I am extremely stupid

then I started reading books about everything

gathering information about everything

my biggest mistake was, that I did not read the book about storing that information in my memory

I wasted a lot of time on information I had not been able to keep in my brain

I no longer think I am smart

I think it would had been much more productive to stay in one field

but well

yesterday we learned, that I can't make choices


I am pretty good surveyor (like come on, I am working in a country using my fourth language on daily basis and most of people understand me), but it is not big enough for me

I want to try something new

I still have my list of dream jobs from 2013
  • Astronaut
  • Glaciologist
  • Astrophysicist
  • Investigator 
  • Hockey coach
  • Book store owner
  • Biathlon athlete
the first four jobs used to be in the list of "dream jobs I will never have", but in two years my confidence somehow skyrocketed and even though I am still ill (aaaand I haaaaave aaaaaaa faaaaaast beeeeeating heeeeeart nooooow), I think I can boost my brain enough to fill all the needed skills in it

that is my new year resolution

chasing my dream jobs


and I am bad at it :)

help me!

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