Monday, January 25, 2016


that is official percentage of black people in the United States


not even 25%

so this crap I sincerely don't understand:

there are couple of more tweets, but long story short: black people should boycott Oscars, because this year no blacks were nominated

there are 20 nominees in acting

5 for actor in a leading role, 5 for actress in a leading role, 5 for actor in a supporting role and 5 for actress in a supporting role

remember the percentage of 13,2?

of total population of black people in  US

I tried to find, but could not, but obviously, not all 13,2% are in acting

therefore I can't understand, you say you have to boycott Oscars, because out of 20 people there are not one black person

but can't you do the math and calculate, that there will be years, where only white people will be nominated, solely based on the fact, that whites are still a majority in US and to nominate one black, only to please minorities would had been the biggest racism there is

you say boycott Oscars

I say grow up and stop using your race card

as long as there is Black Entertainment Television and their BET awards you have absolutely no right to say you are discriminated

do you see a lot of white people on BET?




when you will accept your awards based on your talent and not on your skin colour, then we will talk about racism

but not while you are using selective racism card


as for Jada, I always liked her a lot, but that would do it

I will not feel bad for being white and I will not hope some black actor win Oscars, only because he/she is black

because you need to earn it with your talent

not your skin colour

black racist people are not better than white racist people

FYI : population of Asians in US is 5,6%, do you see them saying to boycott Oscars, because they had never won best actor in a leading role? nope, because they are smart enough to use the probability percentage

yeah, thaaaat's raaaacist


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