Thursday, January 7, 2016

- 23 and tough Russian women

it is getting colder here :)

officially -23, but that wonderful thing "feels like" says it "feels like -30"

should I add, that I am still wearing a dress? :)

stopped eating ice cream though :)

and it doesn't not feel like -30

we don't have high humidity or wind, so it is like a dry cold

it is not like, you know, when you feel good, but when you come home you suddenly feel like if billion small bombs are exploding in your hands and feet

aaaand then you cry out loud, because it huuuuuuuuuurts so bad

and sometimes throw up

I had that:) couple of times, but it was wet cold, with strong wind


one of the few things that I don't like about winter, is that I always have dandelion hair :)

but I am half Russian

and Russian women are not afraid to look for hardcore solutions

at least those ones in Internet :)

I read a lot of advices about "wear wool clothes, comb hair with wood comb"

wooden comb does not help at all

but couple of advices made me laugh

because Russian women are smart asses


the cause of dandelion hair as we all know is static electricity

it is electricity, just not as killing as he regular one :)

and what should we do, if we want to discharge it?

we need to ground it

so the advices that women gave were: make one hand wet and touch something metal with it

or put that hand on the real ground to ground it

you don't have to go outside, the plant ground is suitable as well

science :)

it is a good advice, but it is hard to do, when you are outside and your hair start rising again

so I am still looking for another solution

preferably the one that you can buy in the bottle to spray it on hair and forget about it :)

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