Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Colouring books for adults

are the best thing evaaaar

love it :)

when friends asking "what are you doing now?" I love to answer "I am chilling with my fishes"


I don't have fishes


I have three books: Lost Ocean, Secret Garden and Tropical Wonderland

my favourite one is Lost Ocean

I can colour one small fish for at least 10 minutes :)

my hypnotic fishes :)

I found the photo I took when I finished my first three fishes and I was so proud, even though I don't think they have good colour combination, my favourite fish is black-yellow-blue, but I did not take photo :(

it is not even the book yet, it is the title page and I am still on it and can't imagine how much time do you need to actually colour all the book


but my niece turns into a monster when I give her Tropical Wonderland

eeeverything annoys her and she even asked "can you breeeeath any louder???"

so if you have her tempo, then these books will drive you insane with all of the small details :)

I love them, but 6 or even 12 colours is not enough, you will always feel the need to use a little different shade of colour

I tried pencils, did not like it, not colourful enough

yesterday I decided "eh, what the hell, enough saving, I need 30 colours"

and I bought it

now I am a proud owner of 30 stabilo pens :)

and they are the best for colouring

my fishes deserve the best :)

as for my niece, I sung her a song to calm her down, when she was in tropical wonderland

in English it would sound like "hypno bug, hypno bug, hypno dragonfly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a plant"

it is not to imagine how annoying that song was

no wonder she hated it :)

if you are looking for a new hobby, I highly recommend you colouring books for grown ups

but look carefully through pages, it has to consist of small pieces, if you have one huge picture, there is nothing fun with it, it is just a book for kids

I love my fishes :)

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