Thursday, January 14, 2016

I keep doing that

I keep smiling and waving to non alive objects

my last find is cookies
how can you possibly not smile when you take that pack?


and I always greet it

I do not say hello to people as often as I say it to non living things :)

I am not kidding now:)

obviously not out loud, but in my head I always say hello to things with faces, trams with names, pictures of waving animals, tech that have "hello" line when you turn it on (how can you not say "hello to you too")


and just for your information new trams in Estonia have names and the first one was highly advertised therefore every Tallinn resident knows who Moonika is

it is a tram

now we have plenty of them and every single one has a name

once I heard some kid on the street telling his mother "Moooom, look, Moonika!"


even kids know:)

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