Monday, January 18, 2016

The bus dilemma

at mornings my buses go every 5-ish minutes

obviously I take the first one when I finally appear at the bus stop

but I had noticed, that the bus, that comes 5 minutes later arrives to my destination only one minute later or even at the same time

because the first bus is always full and the second one is half empty

so every morning I have a debate with myself, should I stay and wait for the second one or should I go on the first one

the first bus arrives a bit earlier, but the second one drives much faster, because it does not need to stop on every single bus stop

but you never know, will the second bus arrive at time, will it always be half empty

and the first bus is always there, driving like a snail, but driving

it is like super important choice

should I stay with old and okay-ish

or should I risk and try the new and better now

and I am not talking only about buses now


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