Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Wizards of Aus

I probably should feel bad for liking this show so much:

but I dooooooon't feel bad at all:)

I love it

love it

love it

looooooooooooooove it :)

I laugh my ass off when I watch it

I read comments on Russian site and 80% of it were something like: only drunk people should watch it, only junkies will understand it, that show is pointless and only stupid people will watch it and like it


apparently I am all of that


it is sad, that people can't see past through jokes

or can't understand the irony

or anything at all

because it is not "oh-my-god-this-show-is-soooooooooooo-dramatic!" (aka Suits)

apparently you can't say, that you like such a weird australian show

well I do

I love it

I understand it

and I hope you will take that mask off your face and have a good laugh

I do feel I am Terry the Shark


which is also sad:)

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