Saturday, February 27, 2016


I love dark chocolate

I love 80% and I can eat 85% and 90% without any problems

I have 99%, but I am not yet capable of enjoying it :)

it needs some special skills:)

anyways, I have a new best friend now

her name is Stollar

and she is multicooker :)

the best thing you can have in kitchen utilities section


that little pretty thing can cook the hell you want

today I decided to try my baking skills and did a blueberry cake with dark chocolate

it was written in the recipe "use at least 70% dark chocolate"


I do what recipes tell me to do

so I bough dark cooking chocolate and after buying it I read the ingredients list and realized that it was only 60%

so I went back to the shop and got one of my favourites 85%

first of all

it smells reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally strange when you melt it


that should be enough reason not to use it in baking, but like I said, I do what recipes tell me to do


Stollar is my favourite thing now, because if you can cook a cake in it, well, that is something worth trying:)

I baked it

and it tastes good

in super little portions


85% is waaaaaaaaaay too bitter to mix it with blueberries

I have a cake now

that I will eat at least a week

it is good when you eat it with milk

but half a piece of normal size is the biggest you can eat:)

it is bitter, it is bitter even for me

so sum up: if the recipe says "at least 70%" you should better take 60, than 80 and definitely not 85, I overstated my ability to eat dark chocolate and now I will pay by eating that damned cake for a long time :)

blueberries were good, though


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