Saturday, February 13, 2016

Alcohol prep pads

don't you just hate it, when you buy new tech and it is covered with stickers?

you know, all those "this-crap-is-better-than-the-previous-crap-in-50-times" kind of stickers

and when you take it off (why would you wanna keep them???) the sticky surface stays

and gathers all the dust

and you keep getting glued to it

aaaand it just does not look good

I bought multi cooker with that sticker

and I killed a lot of nerves trying to get the remains of the sticker off

non of the "clean it with oil, lemon, cleaning liquid etc" worked

then I read about alcohol pads

and I have them, so I used it and I was almost dancing around that multi cooker with shining surface when I took every little part of that sticky crap off


therefore, forget about the oil and other stuff

the easiest and cheapest way to take the sticky glue off something - alcohol prep pads


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