Sunday, February 28, 2016

Apparently I am into cooking now

I love my multi cooker

for those of you who are wondering "Why do you need a multi cooker, when you have a regular stove"


first of all: time savings, you don't have to wait until the oven will be hot enough to put the dish into it, with multi cooker you just open it and put it inside:)

secondly: postponed start, you can put the products in it, set the time and it can cook everything according to your timetable, you come from work, the food is warm and ready :)

and then the least important for you, the most important for me: I can cook in my room, without the need to use the kitchen, you see I live with the people I am not a big fan of, I tried to cook when I just moved in, but after hearing the lecture on "how to properly boil eggs" I decided my peace means more for me than freshly done food, so I am keeping the distance and I am proud, that my neighbours know almost nothing about me :)

paranoid parrot!


yesterday I thought I failed with my blueberry cake, but today I ate it in the morning and it was gooooooooooooooood

like super good

I guess it needed a night to transform into the god's food :)

it can be even better with an ice cream :)

so I continued exploring the possibilities of my Stollar friend and made backed apples

the ingredients are: apple, raspberry, walnuts and sugar

but my faith in recipes crushed when I saw the picture of that dish

remember the ingredients? RASPBERRY

look at the picture:

now you don't have to have a doctor's degree in botany to understand what is wrong with that picture :)

that is definitely not a raspberry in it

for me it looks like red currant

imagine my surprise : but...but...but I truuuuuuusted you

after short debate with myself I decided to go with raspberry, because you can buy fresh raspberries now, but if you want to use currant then the only possibility is to buy them frozen

for those of you, who, like I, had never eaten baked apples, the answer to the question you are asking: with spoon


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