Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Brick by brick

I was building relationship with the man who barely talked with me

brick by brick

veeeeery slow

I think he is super hot


hoooooooooooooot hot


but it was interesting for me to see whether I can break that concrete wall and made him at least talk to me like with a normal human being

it took me 1,5 years


in a year he finally started saying hello to me when he saw me at work

a month ago the biggest progress happened: he smiled at meeeee and even made a joke

he smiled looking at me, smiled for me

that was like the "ta daaaaa" moment

that robot man has human feelings

then he helped me park a car

I was returning from the main office (driving 100km/h when the sun shines into your eyes, the roads are dirty and you can't see anything, because the window cleanser ended and you can not use it, well, I don't like driving and I thought I was a super bad driver, but after driving in those conditions without getting into any accident I promoted myself to "just a regular bad driver") and there was a car parked next to our car spot, I am now just a regular bad driver, but I am the worst one to park a car without any doubts

I saw that one car of pipe nation people was parked next to their office so I went there hoping there will be somebody to park that damned car

and that roboman was there and when I asked for help he parked that car

and he did it goooooooooooooooooooood

so we were pretty much like normal co-workers already

until my big mouth betrayed me

I was so happy that he helped me, that I told about that to my colleagues


one of them then made a joke to him and even I felt bad

it was not a good joke and I think it is not appropriate to make a joke about somebody helping someone

should I say, that after that "joke" he is not talking to me again?


the concrete wall, that I was smashing and building normal work relationship  brick by brick is back

now it is concrete covered in ice

and my bricks are nowhere to be seen


today we worked together and he did not even say Hi


back to the beginning

there is something about that man, I thought that if even he talks to me, then I am no longer such a foreigner here in the company

if I made ice man talk to me, then it means they all accepted me to their team

but nope

back to being foreign foreigner


but at least I have my support team:) the man who gives me compliments each time he sees me, the man who always asks something and the man who acts so weird around me, that I find it super cute:)

I am not Finnish enough to be here

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