Friday, February 5, 2016

I am not a good cook

but when I see an interesting recipe I feel the urgent need to try that

last time it was cappuccino cake and pink grapefruit salad

here are the cakes:

the blue one is still in my fridge

and I ate only half of the white one

they are good

but I did not know they are the wet ones

they forgot to mention, that after baking it, the inner side will be pleasantly moisture (I read that in the comments after)

I like dry cakes

the drier the better:)

anyways, baked them, only because there was cappuccino in them

I don't drink coffee a lot, and I don't like cappuccino, but I decided that I wanna try that taste:)

not gonna post the recipe here, because it is just a basic cake only with added cappuccino


when I read pink grapefruit salad recipe I just froze for a moment and thought

hooooow the heeeeeell those ingredients can be in the same bowl

pink grapefruit, mint, chilli pepper, pink pepper and oil


grapefruit and chilli pepper

like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

I chopped everything into smaller parts:

well, I spent eternity to get those clean grapefruit pieces:)

after eating it, I can admit, that salad (although it is said there, that you can eat it without main dish) needs some food next to eat

like food-food


I did not like the taste of peppers and I definitely did not like the taste of zest, felt like sand, even though it smelled good, when I made it:)

would I recommend it?

if you eat it with the fish, then yes

but not like a solo dish:)

what I liked a lot is the combination of pink grapefruit, mint and oil

I will definitely make that again without zest and pepper

refreshing salad

summer salad


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