Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I like my short dresses and cold air

but for a short period of time, I tried to look more weather-appropriate

read on some Russian page, that only stupid people and whores wear short clothes at winter

I felt bad

I decided, that maybe they are right and I should wear more clothes

so I wore my thermo tights that I wear when it is -25C when it was +2

for two days

and then I gave up

I do not understand why should I sacrifice my comfort only not to stand out in the crowd of people wearing furs

wheeeen iiiiit iiiiiis +2

I felt angry both of those days

I do not like feeling hot

the high temperature is not for me and when you are sweating while waiting for a bus, because you wear more clothes that the weather requires only because it is "winter month" on the calendar, well, my dear friends, that is how you get ill

you are sweating in the transport, then go out of it and have a walk, while being all overheated and with a little help from wind your illness is ready for your personal use

so I switched back to my short dresses and regular tights

and yes

you may think I am a whore

and a stupid person who does not care about her health

but FYI the new girl we have here (she is almost a year here, but I still call her the new girl) is getting ill

she is coughing and has other fun things and she is always fully packed: super warm winter jacket, pants and underpants, hat and gloves and scarf and all the things you can imagine

and I am not the one who is ill now

even though I am permanently battling with my diabetes :)

last week one lady in the bus said to me, that I will get ill wearing clothes I am wearing

irony at its finest

guess who was coughing next day?:) the lady in super warm jacket in the bus:))

I do not wear short clothes to impress men (Finnish men are not talking to me anyways, so I don't bother anymore)

I wear my short clothes, because I feel good, when it is a little bit chill

I do not feel cold

I do not feel hot

I feel perfectly fine


and every time I put extra clothes I feel like the flu is crawling in my body


thank you for your worries

but I will continue being a brain free whore:)

a healthy brainless whore:)

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