Friday, February 26, 2016

I was extremely mad, but then my support team helped me

yesterday and today

like maaaad-maaaaaaad

because since Mr Sunshine was on a vacation I worked with blondie and it was like hell

he is a nice man, no doubt in that and he is a good surveyor, but some people just can not work together

we are those people

he made a remark, that I am measuring too much

too slow

too complicated

he used the codes I did not tell him with the explanation "I though you were wrong that that pipe was 400GRP, for me it looked 300" LOOKED


I was in the pit, I checked the papers, I knew it was 400, but what can I do, if for him it LOOKED from the top of the pit like a 300 pipe

still makes me mad:)

the it was "you don't need to measure the shit pipe with two points, because they only need to know the start point"

excuse me, but when I see the loooooong pipe, why the hell not to measure its direction, so it would be easier for me to draw it in the office?10-20 seconds deal

why should I use measuring tape when you can put the total station on the other side of the pit and measure it with laser? Because measuring with a tape is much faster


we were never in a hurry

we always had plenty of time

I listened to the lecture of "why you put everything to the car in such a complicated way?" well, may be because I am perfectly aware how to fit everything in it so it won't make noises while you drive a car

there were plenty of little things like that, that annoyed the shit out of me, at some point I just wanted to throw away the prism asking "do YOU wanna measure and draw everything???"

and I am a professional now in moving the drawings to the needed points, because apparently, it is too hard to make sure, that the total station stays on its position

like coooooooooome oooooooooooon

I know last time we worked together I did not know anything about measurement, but I know my job now and I do it well, it is my name on the papers and I measure it how I found it most comfortable and precise for me and for pipe nation people

I cried again after work yesterday, because I realized it will never change, for them I will always be a foreign girl, who can't do nothing right

but well, at least he is a blondie :)))

today I was going at work with zero happiness and all I wanted to do, just crawl to my bed and hide in the blanket

morally weak and annoyed would be perfect description

but my support team is somehow always there when I need them :) I had not seen them whole week, but today they made my day

I am still smiling

I was smiling at work, at the bus, sitting now

and I am not tired :)

first when we were leaving to measure pipes with the new girl ( I looooooooooooove working with her) we saw Hiiiiiiiiiiiii man :) that super weird and super cute in his weirdness man :)

and he was acting super weird and super cute again:) he always does :))) and he always makes me smile, no matter how angry I am, it is some sort of chemical reaction :) big teddy bear

he sometimes tells me he loves me, only that he does not know about that :))) I have little knowledge of ASL (thank you, Switched at birth) and I know some basic stuff, like I love you, thank you, yes, no, I know, hear, together and some letters and other words

most of the times he shows a normal heavy metal sign:

which is usually shown on the opposite direction (hand palm direction is to your face, not like with the sign language when it is outside), but the main difference is that thumb position:)

but sometimes he tells me with his hands that he loves me and I am not gonna tell him about that :)

why the hell would I stop him :)))

it is my little secret :)

anaways, after seeing him world no longer seemed such a bad place

and then there was ladies man :) thaaaaaaaaaaaat man can make you feel beautiful no matter how shitty you look or how tired you are

his wife probably is the happiest wife in the world :)

they were not ready with the pipes so I asked him to call me, when they are done

and he called

one hour before our work day ends :)

but because in the morning I told him, that we will come to measure after he calls me, I decided that we need to go

with blondie

who for some reason decided not to wear work clothes and boots


the pit was on the big construction site and you are not allow to even be there dressed like that


so I measured everything by myself, while he was waiting in the car

I know, I know :)

but I do not regret my decision to go to that pit so late

because ladies man and his new partner (still had not heard his name and at this point it is too late to ask him, need to look in some papers) are super helpful and nice

need to open a manhole? no need to even ask for help, they do that, when they see my intention to open it :)

need a ladder? here you go, he brought it and held it while I was climbing

need to measure a pipe with the measuring tape? (it was already hidden, because it was made yesterday and since blondie was in such a hurry to do I-have-no-idea-what we measured it today with the other pipe, I don't liiiiiiike using measuring tape, the surveyor in my is cursing badly when I do that) his new partner measured it for me :)

like come oooon, I always feel like a princess with them, and ignore the fact, that we are in the pit, in the waaaay oversized working clothes, covered in mud and dust :)

does not matter

I feel like a princess :)

and if men at work can make you feel like that, then it is a good place to work:)

when I finished with measurements and returned to the car blondie tried to explain, that "I looked on the paper and thought the pipes are outside the construction site, so I did not change clothes" and all I could think about was "yeah, yeah, it was probably too hard to ask me about the pit's location when we were at the office, but who am I for you to ask for some information, nooooooo, I know nothing, can do nothing" :) and you know, I was not even mad, aaaaaat all, because I got my daily boost of happiness from the Hiiiiiii man, the ladies man and his new partner (whose name I am yet to find out)

and I smiled all the way back to office and I am still smiling now

now here is the big question: should I take him next week?

next week the new girl took a vacation and my Mr Sunshine returns from his

so that means blondie probably will be with us one more week

when Mr Sunshine and Pure Evil (he is the nicest man now, I am thinking about changing his nickname to something good, yes, thaaat much he changed) are both present, I am working with Mr Sunshine, but he knows, that I love working on my own, so when we only have one job for two pairs he usually offers me to go with the new girl, and I always take that offer :)

on Monday we have one job (as for today, but it still can change), now the main question is, should I risk my nerves and go with blondie (listening again what I am doing wrong and cursing inside later while trying to understand what codes he used and for what reason, if you can't hear me properly, just ask again, it is not that hard) or should I take the chill pill and forget my love for being in charge and go with my Mr Sunshine?

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