Monday, February 22, 2016

Is my face burnt?

like waaaaaaaaaat

but that was the actual question one man asked us on the street :)

welcome to Estonia


with one of my friends we discovered, that we had never eaten Chinese food in take away boxes

you know, the classic ones

so we went to one restaurant that provides a good choice of take away food

we decided to eat there and take the left overs with us in The Box

well, it was bad



bad food, bad place, bad service, every little thing was bad there

I would not recommend you this place

I have no idea, who wrote those reviews

and to add a cherry to the top

the take away boxes there were simple plastic food boxes

so I still have that thing "to eat from the Chinese food take away box" in my list

we could not end the evening with that disaster and therefore went looking for a place to eat ice cream

when we were standing next to Wabadus one really drunk man approached us asking "Is my face burnt?"

I knooooooooow :)))

and the weirdest part

it was burnt

apparently he got in a fight or something like that and his neck was covered in burns


just a normal man:)

anyways, we went to Wabadus and giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls, I would recommend that place 10 of 10 only already based on their personal

the boys, who worked there are so kind and nice and happy :)

you feel treated like a god :)

but in addition to the personal, I had eaten the most tasteful raspberry ice cream I had ever eaten

I usually take chocolate ice cream, but that time I took 2 chocolate and 1 raspberry

and it tasted like heeeeeeeeeeeeeeaven

such an interesting taste

I love it

love it

loved it

loooooved it

if you are looking for a good place to sit and chat with your friends while enjoying good (yet not too expensive) food I would recommend you Wabadus

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