Saturday, February 27, 2016

Kids in protective boxes

in the depths of my endless digital library I found books made for kids, who lived in Soviet Union

when I opened some of them I was in shock

because kids did awesome things back then

building boats, little wooden houses, growing plants, bees, making knives and other dangerous things

the books were for KIDS

not teenagers, but for kids ages 8 and up

now imagine what would modern parents say, when a 10 year old comes to them with the words: I am a beekeeper now

kids now can't even go to the shop to buy a bottle of milk

first of all, because it is too dangerous to go to the shop and TALK to the cashier

secondly, because they can't even drink milk, because of their countless allergies

it is like you take a little human, put it in a safety box and expect it to develop into perfect person

and all you get is those spoiled brats with high demands and zero common sense and responsibilities

passive people

coward people

It seems to me life was more exciting before for kids

I'm not saying you are a bad parent, if you will not allow your kid to be a beekeeper, I am sure I would put my kid in the safety box as well

because I am egoist and I want to know, that my kid will be fine, so I don't have to worry about him

but it is wrong

we are egoists raising passive little humans expecting something good out of it

and we are gonna pay for it in 10 years

I want my future kid to get my support when he comes to me with the words "I am a beekeeper now and I am making knives with father at the backyard"

I will try my best

I don't want a plastic kid

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