Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Listening to the songs, choosing the places

I used to be super jealous of the man I liked

one mention of some other girl and I already hated that girl and everything that was connected to her

because of that I stopped eating chocolate advent calendars and listening to Placebo


I know


today while listening to my new favourite radio - Ultra (Russian radio, the language you hear is Russian, unless it is English song and most of the songs are English there) I heard Placebo song that I used to like


babyyyyyy, did you forget to take your meds?

and then I realized I had not listened to them in yeeeears

and I used to like them

why did I stop listening?

because once the man I liked said, that his girlfriend loved Placebo - Running Up That Hill

I liked that song a lot too

but after that day I hated Placebo and every song of them

so childish :) and I was an adult already

with zero self esteem


anyways, this December I bought plenty of chocolate advent calendars (ate only couple of chocolates, the rest of that calender is still unopened and another three are even sealed) :)

but it is not about eating it, it is about being able to do and eat what I like, ignoring sad memories

all the places I liked are back in my list of favourite places

all of the music I loved ais back to my playlist

and all of the food I wanted to eat is in my refrigerator


that's how it should be

you do not eliminate the things you like

you just don't talk to people who make you hate the things you liked:)

simple as that

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