Thursday, February 18, 2016

Swollen finger, zero friends and search for a pharmacy

last friday something happened with my pinky and it became twice its size, being all that red and swollen

I searched very carefully for some physical injury to know where it all started

but I did not find anything

not even a little tiny scratch

not some splinter


I started thinking about who can I call for an advice or a ride to ambulance care

and you know what?

I know a lot of people here from work

but I realized I can't call any of them, because we are just not that close

it is not a work thing and I can call them only when something unexpected happens at work, not after their weekend started

it is like



if I die today, for at least 2 days nobody will know what happened to me

that is how lonely I am here

nobody to call in case of need


another point for "I should move back to Estonia"


after a short minute of panicking I came back to the "what worst can happen" and accepted the fact that I may lose my pinky finger

after that, I started looking for opened pharmacies and thanks politicians for their common sense, that they finally allowed stores and pharmacies working as long at they want to

I always wondered, why the hell in the country of free market economy the government dictates for how long shops can be opened

if it is my store

my employers

my money

why the hell must I close my store at 6PM?

still a big mystery for me

is not Finland country with market economy?

found a pharmacy only 20 minutes away from the place I live, that was opened after 9PM

went there, bought basic stuff and started to self healing my finger

because why the hell not?

I heard how much do they pay to doctors, who do some 1st year of medical school stuff

I do not have money to go to doctors worrying will I be able to pay that bill

and I find it extremely stupid

I pay tons of money for taxes and at least I should be sure, that I will get free medical help no matter what insurance I have

there should not be such a thing as medical insurance

I pay you taxes, it is in your own benefit, to keep working people working, so that they can pay you more taxes

another point for "I should move back to Estonia"

same medical insurance for every working person and for every disabled person

problems will start if you are not working and not registered as non-working person

then yes

be ready to get a fat bill

my way was to use Bepanthen, alcohol prep pads, bandage and latex gloves


it helped

first disinfect pinky with alcohol pad, then apply layer of magical Bepanthen, use a little bit of bandage, so that it stays on your finger and put a latex glove to make a saaaauna :)

I slept with it and applied bepanthen a couple more times next day

and in a day it came back to almost normal condition



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