Friday, February 19, 2016

Why do girls always focus on the good qualities?

I am still looking for mascara, that costs around 10EUR to use it on weekend, because I feel like a spoiled brat, using 35 eur Dior every day


read some reviews

looked at the ratings

and bought BeYu Model Mascara

looks great, is not it?


girls usually give her 4 stars and I thought 4 stars is enough for weekends


then I read reviews more carefully

you know how that mascara got its ratings?

1 for beautiful package, 1 for comfortable usage, 1 for lengthening and another one for giving volume

what they tend to forget adding is : it will give you panda eyes even if it is raining just a little bit

Is not it the most important thing to rate? Will it give you panda eyes or not?

for me it is

but apparently package is as important:)))

I do not understand that, it could give you the most beautiful lashes, but what is the point, if you always need to check weather forecast to know can you use it today, or not?



it is like with the man: - why do you love that drunk man? - but when he is sober he is such a nice and careful man


give it 4 stars and forget, that he beats the shit out of you, when he is drunk

girl's logic :)

and yes

I am gonna die alone, but without bruises and with my Dior Addict mascara:)))

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