Sunday, March 27, 2016

Corporate Avenger

Corporate Avenger is my new favorite music to dance to and to think about

found my hidden love to industrial music

and despite their weird looks, they are singing about very serious things (they are native americans)

I did not know about that, when thanks to radio Ultra I head their most famous song Fault the police (I don't)

We have created a reality based on fear where a terrorist, a gangster or a police can take away your freedom or your sense of security at any time
then I heard 20$ Bill and realized they are Native Americans and they do sing about serious things that Americans tend to ignore

just listen to this song:

If Hitler was on the 20 dollar bill,
How would the Jews feel?
 they have a point

a really serious point

who is on 20$ bill?

Andrew Jackson

who was responsible for Indian removal policy

which is basically the old school version of relationship between Hitler and the jews

now imagine Europeans having Hitler on their banknotes or Russians having Stalin on theirs


how impossibly wrong would that be?

but it is okay in America to ignore the feelings of Indian people

the NATIVE American people

Corporate Avenger have a lot of good songs, that Christian and Muslim or any other religious people will be mad about

I love them

and I think they sung the truth people don't want to accept

it is sad, they they do not write music anymore

We are the victims with the laws they've made. They'll take your freedom, and then your home. They'll take it all, 'til you're all alone. Break up a family for a fee. I can't remember when I was free. Free to worship, free to speak.
I am not gonna post another songs here, but already from the songs titles you may want to download their albums and carefully listen to them

Christians Murdered Indians, Taxes Are Stealing, The Bible Is Bullshit, Voting Doesn't Work, Jesus Christ Homosexual

all those songs are form the album Freedom is a state of mind

like come oooon

it is like listening to my own thoughts:
Not saying God is gay,
Not saying that at all.
But if Jesus Christ was God and God created all.
Then Jesus Christ created the homosexual.
There might be a little fag in us all.
Not saying that it's good,
Not saying that it's right,
But could the Virgin Mary have been a hermaphrodite?
She was with a child without having a man?
And that's not the only thing that I don't understand.

I wonder how did they even managed to publish that CD :)

Thank you for your music and lyrics!

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