Friday, March 4, 2016


because why the hell not


I know, that a lot of men do not understand why do we love Benedict so much, because obviously he is not a macho man

and that is kinda sad, that men do not understand, that smart women will always prefer gentleman behaviour over pack of muscles, with Cumberbatch you can be sure you will be treated like lady and will be swimming in just enough attention

he won't be calling you at midnight after being missing for weeks only because you are his booty call

he won't be calling you every 5 minutes being jealous all the time, because he is confident enough in himself

he won't be cursing at you, because he is just too cool for it

Benedict is the example of old school gentleman behaviour and you can be sure, he won't hurt you and he will be always there for you when you need him

and that is why women will always love him

even though he is far from typical beauty :)

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