Wednesday, March 30, 2016


when we were meeting with my girls (all with high education) one of them got a book for kids with animal voices

you know, those ones, when you push a button, and hear what voice does that animal have and look at the picture

one of the kids was pushing those buttons and when she bushed the Fox button my friend was surprised, that foxes make noises very similar to dogs

and I was surprised, that it was a surprise for her:)

I asked, did she know, that foxes belong to the same biological family as domestic dogs and she said, she had no idea, and how the hell did I know about that

then she called the other girl and asked her

she did not know either

therefore I decided to make sure all of you know about dogs and foxes

they belong to the same biological family which is Canidae :)

and to blow your mind, that family also includes wolves :)

another useless fact that you know now :)

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