Thursday, March 17, 2016

I have been to Finnish metal band midnight concert

and I did not like it

the band was great

with the exception of them forgetting words of couple of songs (which is weird)

but they sound outstanding live

and that mighty voice


what I did not like was the public

it was my first finnish band concert and I was shocked when I saw how people behave

drinking is okay and I have nothing against it

drinking in the crowd is weeeeeeell ooookaaaaaaay, but not like okay-okay



when you drink and you smash your glass into the floor where crowd is, that is definitely not okay

and I saw it multiply times

some of people just put it down to the floor, like if it was some plastic cup (of course it won't stay there)

some people throw it to see how it breaks (I thought beer glasses in bars where music shows happen have to be unbreakable, but it seems I was wrong)

and how the hell would you dance and jump, when there is a glass carpet under your feet???

so I pretty much was motionless all the time

which is weird, because I am the jumper when I like the music:)

trapped in the glass floor


like if I was Superman next to Kryptonite


love the band, though

Kotiteollisuus (which is a normal length for a Finnish word with not so much doubled letters in it)

I had no intentions to go there, but on one Friday I woke up with a song, that I heard on the radio couple of weeks ago:

it was on my mind the whole morning, so I though: OKAY, to get rid off it I need to check do they perform in Helsinki soon

imagine my surprise, when I checked and saw, that their only show in Helsinki will be the next day :)

I thought I need to buy the ticket, because my destiny wants me to be there :)

and so I did

and so I went

and so I was disappointed

but at least I can say I like the band

especially the song I had waited the whole night (the beginning of the show was at midnight) but it never came

you see

I am a good student

before going to any performance of the band I barely know, I always check the setlist of the last 5 or more shows, to be aware what songs may be presented (I don't need to do that with Rise Against:))

anyways, listened to songs, kinda liked them, some of them I loved, but waited for one song, and was extremely sad, when I had not heard it


looooooooooooooooooooooooove it

Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikun kun olisin uniiii tai yööö

Tämä jäääääääätäääääääväääää taaaaaaaaaaaalvi

ikuisesti häääääääntääänsä syyyyyyö

loved this word: häntäänsä :) if I had not knew Estonian it would be impossible for me to say that word out loud :)


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