Saturday, March 26, 2016

I lost my tooth and I am loosing my eyesight


bad things happened today:)

I was enjoying the wonderful taste of raspberry jam, when I heard the sound of cracking tooth and felt intense pain

it hurt bad

extremely baaaaaad

I needed to go to dentist first aid clinic to get help

waited two hours and had my tooth extracted (I was planning to remove it soon anyways, because it was that little wisdom tooth bastard)

but I notice, that after removing it my eyesight dropped significantly

I really hope it is just a temporary reaction to intense pain

because becoming blind was not on my to-do list

so yeah, right now I look like a blind squirrel with one cheek twice its regular size and my eyes seeing two times worse

I have no time to deal with my eyes now, because on Monday I have my secondary driving school lesson that I need to make if I want to keep my license

I have no time for emergency eye surgery

so I am going to think about that on Monday evening after driving like a blind squirrel hoping to pass


therefore, my dear eyes, you have time until Monday to become normal again

and I am going to panic on Tuesday, if you are not

having "panicking" planned makes your life more calm


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