Monday, March 28, 2016

I never understood why people take acids

my co-workers train a lot


because they are taking supplements like amino acids

which is a big mystery for me

I am a lazy person

I have a good body without going to gym, because I am listening to my body and I understand what I need to eat and in what amount

I do have weak hands, but I am perfectly fine with that

because I have really strong legs :))

therefore I do not understand why people like to wear out their bodies so much

I just can not put it in my head, why the hell would you voluntarily kill your body

I have one simple opinion: if you can't do sports without supplements - you are doing too much sports

I believe that reconstructing your body should take a lot of time and effort

you can't be 50kg thin boy today and 100kg bull in a month

you should build your body in tiny steps

1kg of weights today, 1,1kg in couple of days and so on, you must give your body time for it to reorganize its needs without external help

you should now break your old cells and pump your body up with acids and other supplements

if speaking the complete truth, I do believe gyms are like some sort of addiction

if you are a weak man, maaaaaaay be, juuuust maaaaaay be, you should do more manly things in your everyday life :)

I always felt a little bit weird, when some boy tells me: I go to gym every day


does it mean you have artificial body then?

you will stay fit as long as you go to the gym and take supplements

but what happens when you stop doing that?

have you seen retired weightlifters?

they don't really look healthy at all

so you are basically signing a contract with devil - trading your time and health for a chance to look fit

stop giving your time and recession will happen pretty fast

when you need to use acids, steroids or any other chemical help is it not the way your body tries to tell you it is not yet strong enough to do as much sports activities as you are forcing it to do?

lets put it this way: you had cut a finger with a knife, what would you do? you take the knife away and start healing your finger, next time, knowing how your body reacted you either try to cut it less deep or find a way not to cut it anymore. what would it look like if you take acids? you cut a finger, you are bleeding, but you take a knife and continue cutting your fingers, because magic acid will stop the bleeding and you won't really feel the pain, but you will still have your finger cut hundreds of times. now lets assume you finally are smart enough not to cut your finger anymore, and you stop taking supplements, what happens to your finger? you probably lose it, because it is just a mess of cut skin, zero blood and dead muscles

I am exaggerating, but you got my point :)

there is nothing wrong with sports when you are trying to lose some weight or keep your body toned, but when you need chemical help, may be, juuuuust may be, you are doing something wrong with your body

stay fit!

stay strong!

stay the hell out of chemical help!


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