Saturday, March 26, 2016

I think I am gonna be a good mother

yesterday we had a meeting with my girls with their kids and to my complete surprise their kids did not annoy the hell out of me

I knooooooow



I found it interesting to listen to what kids say and how they play

like little humans who are yet to learn how to lie


there is a huge white shark in the corner of the room

hell yes there is and I have to protect the bear from it


after all, even the healthiest parents get really ill children and 7% chance is not such a high number to beat

one day I am gonna have my own kids

and I am gonna have them healthy, because if I protected the bear from the shark I can have healthy kids!


but I still think the bast place to meet up with friends is neutral territory such as bars, because I don't feel comfortable invading personal space and I definitely don't want them to invade mine


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