Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Intro songs are important

started watching Bosch series

watched first episode, thought, well, okay show, maybe will continue it someday

maybe not

in a couple of days found myself singing one song I had no idea where that came to my mind

after desperately trying to remember from where I know it I realize it is Bosch's intro song

and should I say, that I already watched the first season and started the second one? :)

that should be a rule

series with a good intro song can not be bad


love the story too, aaaaand he killed him, aaaaaaaaaaand he killed her, aaaaaaaaaand he is gay, aaaaaaaaaand apparently he is not, or is he?


and all of that :)

that is the opening:

and here is the full song:

looooooooooooooooooooove it so much, that I put it on repeat on my playlist which consists of that only song :)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I still sing it all the time :)

especially this part:

I got a name for each one of my headaches

aaaaaaaand the line I love with all of my heart:

What do you know about the thin line to madness?
I am still afraid, that one day I will be completely mad :)

like my niece once told me: "You have that look sometimes, that you sit motionless and look into eyes and I can't understand would you be mad at me, or would you be laughing with me, that sociopathy'ish look"

well thank you, I guess :)))


I strongly recommend you watching Bosch series

I don't want to post here an official trailer for the first season, because it includes a huuuuuuuuge spoiler (who the hell approved that trailer???) so here is a super bad teaser trailer with no spoilers in it

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