Monday, March 21, 2016

My way of getting healthy

pills are like candies for me: they don' really make sense


during the years I developed my own way of getting healthy after getting ill

flu and other similar illnesses

it is not approved by anybody with common sense

but it works perfectly fine for me

I have 2 tricks

the first one is the most important: the moment you feel, that something is wrong with your throat you eat an ice cream

just one single ice cream

but you have to eat the same day you started feeling a little bit ill

I call it: that girl is so insane we are not going to stay in her body - Viruses :)

if you eat it the next day it won't help

I did it I don't know how many times this winter and I had not been ill :)

until last week

when I missed that first day and was broken the next day

cough, fever and other nice things :)

got it all

slept whole day after work, waking up only to take some food

sleeping did not help

so I decided to wash it all off

on Saturday and Sunday I had drunk such an amount of liquids that it is probably not healthy at all

any kind of cold liquid

yesterday I had drunk 1,5l of cold Cola Zero, 1l of cold milk, 3 bottles of cold yoghurt, 1 bottle of lemon juice and 1l of some mineral water that I found in the cupboard :) I was drinking everything I could find and those were only liquid liquids, add some fruits and other food as well


no pills were taken

and today I only have running nose (but I always have it, so it does not matter as much)

in my case, shocking therapy works :)

I would not recommend it, if you have bad tolerance towards cold and weak kidneys

but for me it works :)

you just have to make sure, the toilet room is not far away

like d'ooooh


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