Thursday, March 10, 2016


is the exact amount of Happy Women's Day congratulations I got from men:)

welcome to Finland, the country where men are so afraid of women, that they don't even try anymore

Thank you, The Good Pirate for saving my day:) the only man who risked and congratulated me :)

risked with being sued, because I think it is the only reason that you can use "I did not congratulate you, because I thought you are feminist and will think it is sexist and sue me for congratulating you"


I was disappointed, I do not even talk about flowers

finnish men probably don't know where flowers are sold

but simple "Happy Women's Day, Jana!!!" would be perfectly enough

even as a text message

but no

I work in big company with very few girls

none of my male colleagues congratulated me


I asked my work partner and he said "for me it is just another pointless celebration day made by companies to take your money"


lets take it to the next level

your birthday is not worth celebrating, because you did nothing to come to this world and people should congratulate only your parents

Christmas is not worth celebrating, because you do not even know that guy

and so on


nothing is worth celebrating

especially in Finland

in Russia and Estonia Women's Day is one hell of a day, when women swim in attention, kindness and flowers

and I think it is a right thing to do

and you can put your "what you have between your legs do not define you" up into your ass

if you are ashamed of being a woman, then it is your problem and you can stay the gender neutral creature who you want to be

but I am a woman

and I am not ashamed of it

I want to be congratulated on Women's day and I want to get flowers

I was extremely disappointed :(

but well

at least one man has balls enough to congratulate :)

Thank you!

I think Sweden and Finland will be first countries with gender neutral society, where every mention of "man" and "woman" will be qualified as using the n-word

what are you so afraid of? that I do not understand

Thank you, Russian and Estonian men for being such "sexist pigs" who give us so much pleasure :)

Thank you, Russian and Estonian women for wearing skirts and dresses, building home nests and having a career at the same time, without wasting time on "OMG, you can nooooooooot call me woman now"

We rock!

and once again: Thank you, The Good Pirate for making me smile that sad day :)

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