Monday, March 14, 2016

The best wedding I've been to

was the wedding of one of my best friends last Saturday


I promised her not to discuss her wedding



come oooooon

when they play the songs we jokingly chose years ago


that is one hell of a good wedding

you know, that friends have some inner jokes, that outside people do not really understand, with my friend we always sung two songs, which are weird :) and definitely not wedding songs

those are the songs:

and she played those songs on her beautiful wedding


I laughed a looooot

the people sitting with me were questioning who the hell would order those songs and they did not understand why would I do that :)


it was an awesome wedding

very elegant and simple

izdalekaaaaaa doooooooolgo, techet rekaaaaa Vooooooooolgaaaaaaaa


PS. when she asked what name should she write in table arrangements paper I joked that she can use the name my mom often calls me: Porfiry Ivanov (if you are not Russian, then you probably need some information about who that man was here it is ) and she diiiiiiiiiiiiiiid, I have no idea, what people thought, when instead of some old man there was a lady in red


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