Thursday, March 10, 2016

Until death do us part

I cried when I was at our last home game

definitely last this season

but most likely the last home game ever, since we have financial difficulties

we are the worst team in the league

all top players left it

but we still won the game :)

and we played like gods



I had not been to our games for two months, because I was so mad, that players leave the team so easily

even my Hypnobeard left

but then, suddenly, I realized I do not really care who is playing, I am enjoying the game itself and the public

I am enjoying the fact, that I belong to a Finnish family

Blue-yellow-white family of Espoo Blues

we are the best people out there :)

and we will stay with the team until death do us part, no matter if each player will run away like a rat

we stay

and we support


Thank you, all the current players of Espoo Blues for not leaving the team in the hardest time

it was a difficult season

and it may be our last season ever

but even if it is

our last home win will stay in the memory as one of our best games

and we don't need those HirsoBitch and Cutie pie (who is currently playing in the SECOND HOCKEY LEAGUE, apparently he wanted to only get money) and Siim The Rat and all the other who run away

thank you for your time

but now we have a team of young players, who battle for each puck, not each euro

and we are the best

even if the statistics say the opposite

Thank you, Espoo Blues!

hope to see you next season

hope to see fans next season

if we survive, we rise like a phoenix and we burn every team down


Tää on Espoo


P.S. I do think that song must be our official team song :) how awesome would it be to hear "Tää on Espoo" each time we score :)

P.P.S. I do think you should hire me, because statistics do not lie, we won every game I was visiting :) I can be you lucky charm

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