Saturday, March 26, 2016

Was he my destiny?

I hope not

in my last two days in Finland I run twice to one black man

in different time, in different place


first I met him on the train and he tried to introduce himself to me, but me, being all that racist judgmental bitch that I am, pretended, that I do not understand what he was talking about

the next day I met him on a tram stop and when I noticed him the only thing I could think of was "oh, hell nooo" and then he noticed me and run towards me with the words "HEY, I SAW YOU YESTERDAY!!!"

being all that happy


but my racist nature had not changed much since yesterday, so I tried to nicely ignore him, but failed in doing that, so I had to talk to him

when he left, he shook my hand


like oookay

that was unexpected, but kinda nice gesture

I'm still hoping to find my white man who will be as excited to see me, as that black man was:)

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