Monday, April 25, 2016

Frank Turner stole my heart and healed my soul

and I don't mind it


you know I am a big fan of Rise Against

I have been to their shows three times and I am pretty sure I will go watching them many more times

but I had never had such a blast of positive emotions that I had watching Frank Turner

he is performing for 15 years and you can see how he still enjoys it

it is not like a job for him

or money gathering tour (ticket cost 20eur, like, come oooon, Finnish bands probably take more than that)

he just wants to share his songs with people

and he does that perfectly:)

the interaction with public was perfect


we were like real friends with him

I had been down for couple of months lately

completely empty

after his performance I kinda got it all back

you know

the desire to live and do something


the pieces of my mind kinda got into right places and started working there


my body hurts baaaaaaaaaaad (when I like something, I like it with all of my heart and my jumping and dancing skills add to that:))

if you ever ave a chance to see Frank live - use it

Positive songs for negative people is the perfect description of his songs :)

Thank you, Frank Turner!


We can get better

Because we are not dead yet!

and do not forget, that Turner performs with The sleeping souls and they are awesome:)

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