Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I eat junk food at least three times a week

and I am not a monster size girl


XS-S sizes like I had always been

my secret diet?

I am drinking a lot



here is my average liquid consumption:

morning: glass of milk, glass of yoghurt, glass of juice and sometimes cup of tea

dinner: glass of juice or milk or tea (just one)

supper: glass of something drinkable

in between at least 1 litre of additional liquids (usually cola light + sparkling water)

it is like I always have a glass of something next to me



it is not a joke

sometimes when I am watching something I have a glass of Cola light and a glass of sparkling water next to me, because I am always switching it :)

I drink a lot


but I don't like lemonades with a lot of sugar, because they just don't taste good for me:)

so if you want to stay in the size you are, drink a lot of something :)

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