Thursday, April 14, 2016

Playlist for my funeral

that is an absolutely normal thing to do

creating playlist for your own funeral


so far I have 4 songs

Dropkick Murphys - Going out in Style

aaaand a bunch of Frank Turner songs:

Frank Turner - Eulogy

Frank Turner - One Foot Before the Other

that song is like a perfect plan for what to do with the ashes


if you have some time read the lyrics

like freaking genius plan :)

and yeah, yeah, I know about how impossible it is

but I do believe some super little tiny part of everything are in us
I know that everything we are right now is everything that was
That Watt Tyler, Woody, Guthrie, Dostoevsky and Davy Jones
Are all dissolved into the ether and have crept into my bones

the last one is not about the dying, but I have those kind of emotions when I am listening to it, beautiful sadness :)

and surprise-surprise

Frank again :)

Frank Turner - I Am Disappeared

burn me to ashes

and play those songs :)

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