Thursday, April 28, 2016

Time kills

had sudden clarity moment yesterday

people always say that time heals, but hell no

it kills

it is the ultimate killer

lets imagine a situation:

you are drowning, are you dead the moment you get into water? no, the moment you start having troubles with breathing? no, it is because the time passes and you no longer have oxygen to breath

it is like the time captures the moment you start having troubles and patiently waits

if to take the moment you start dying, then every single moment of it you are still alive, but combined together into the line called Time, it kills you in the end

you can take the most intense pain for one moment, but not when they are united into the Time line

counting seconds til you die

I need to start living

ignoring the illness

the loneliness

the sadness

Time is stealing my moments and creates a road to death

I want my road to be covered in snow, sunshine and laughter

do you hear me? Time, biiiiatch, I know who you are

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