Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beautiful intimacy

in the depths of one of my hard drives I found a movie

a very old movie

Bathing Beauty

while watching this movie I had to pause it and google the year it was made, because I saw it was 1944, but I could not believe it was true


for real

1:45 and I did not even pause it (except for the time I went checking the year)

the music is outstanding

the jokes are funny and adorable

the fashion is breathtaking (I could not stop looking at their shoes, I want all of those, and I want it now)

I found some sort of trailer for that movie on youtube, but after watching it you may think it is some sort of sports movie, but it is not

they shoot under the water



like whaaaaaaaaaaaat

and the final water ballet is the best thing I ever saw being danced in the water

"oh no they did not!!! oh no they could not!!!" were my thoughts

and hell yes they did

the only bad part about that movie is the title :) Bathing beauty sounds a little bit porn'ish to me:)

but what surprised me the most was the level of intimacy they had back then

the way they touch each other, the way they fight for their love, the way they even dance

I seriously thought it was banned back then :)

I was wrong

and now I am jealous :)

today we have two extremes: get your hands off me and I'm gonna twerk the shit out of your genitals

something like that :)

and they have he beautiful intimacy

the right amount of physical contact at the right time at the right place with the right person

I love that movie

and I finally understood what I am looking for

I am looking for that beautiful intimacy

I want that kind of man who will fight for me and even apply for women's college if he needs to find me

and I want to be that girl, who is proud enough to leave the man, who treats her badly (he did not in the movie, but she was sure he was) and has strength to apologize to him, when she understood it was all big misunderstanding

and I want those blue shoes :)

and that final bathing suit :)

I loved that movie and if you are looking for a movie to have a wonderful time, consider watching Bathing Beauty



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