Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bobrovsky? Bob?

I still believe, that winning Vezina trophy or any other trophy can and will ruin your career as a goalkeeper

or maybe being in Columbus Blue Jacket will do that

well hell no:)

We are the best

but is it a coincidence, that Mason with rookie of the year award sled down to being a phi-bitch, who can barely do his job (he is sooooooooo young, but feels like if he is going to end that disaster career any time soon)

and Bob with Vezina


the magician, who saved us so many times now is like an another hole in the net

so many mistakes

and that is a big mystery for me, because I remember how he played before

how he saved us from the most complicated goal attempts

and now 0.908


and don't let me started how many games he played this season



he is more fragile than my bones, always in the injury lsit

I am writing about Bob today because Russia lost yesterday 0:3 to Czech :) they had always been hockey enemies, but 0:3 is confusing even for hockey enemies

guess who was in the net?


I am not blaming Bob for everything

the rest of the team is more responsible for the loss, but I do remember how players always say, that they play more confident, when they know they have a good goalie

just look at my Columbus in our good times

Bob was the shining star

team was hungry for the wins

and now I won't tell how we ended last season

because you already know:)

I do not care about Russian hockey team, my team is obviously Finnish, but I do care about my Blue Jackets men and what Bobrovsky is doing confuses the shit out of me

Dear Bob, I do not want Russia to win the tournament, but it would be great, if you limit yourself with only one missed puck each game :)

we believe in you

and we still need you in Columbus, stop sabotaging your career, you are not going home, you are staying with us and you will help us get the damned Stanley Cup


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