Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Get your best summer body in 30 days!!!

those are the post titles you see everywhere now

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sincerely don't get it

why the hell should my "summer body" differ from my "winter body"?

if I were the winter body I would sue summer body for aggressive promotion

:)I just don't get it


you want to look good in the bikini



you are wearing underwear every single day of the year

why would you wanna impress somebody on the beach

and have a big body at winter, because only you and your significant (or not really significant) other can see it?

should not you be the only one important judge of your body?

I love sleeping in my underwear only (in my hockey jersey if it is really cold outside)

I love seeing my body in my lingerie

my body is not perfect, but I love it (except for my neck, but we will talk about it someday later)

I love my body equally at summer and winter

I see absolutely no reason to go on the diet only to have that mystical "summer body"

I am the summer body

I am the winter body

I am the autumn and spring body as well

I am The Body:)

and if you are having serious restrictions to get your bikini body ready


my darling

maybe you are doing something wrong in your diet if during the winter you gain so much weight

Dear girls, do not try to impress somebody on the beach, be the best you can be irrespective of what time of the year it is

just don't try to force yourself to look like those starving models

you are much better than that!

"get your best summer body"


come ooooon


I could had added some fancy picture of the beach with extra white sand and extra blue water

but I love our cold grey Baltic sea

so here it is
probably the day the summer visited Tallinn


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