Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I owe an apology to Jo Nesbo

I am sorry, that I previously wrote that I thought that you are overrated writer


I am not really sorry

my opinion was based on the first two books of detective Harry Hole series, and I still think those books are disastrous and way too dirty

but, like I mentioned before, the first book I bought was Snowman, solely because I liked the title :)

I started reading and understood, that it is not the first book in the series, so I bought the first one (because of the picture of Jo on the cover as well)

I was going through the sea of unnecessary things and I found Snowman (because how the hell can I recycle the book with that title?)

and I decided to read it

ignoring the missing 4 books that were left unread in the series

and so I read it (I am still having couple of chapters left)

and I thought

wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, that could not be him

or her

or him again

and that was a major spoiler I guess:)))

anyways, I still think Nesbo is nowhere near to Larsson, but maybe, juuuuuuuuust maybe, he is not that overrated after all:)

I am sincerely sorry, Jo Nesbo

I think The Snowman is an interesting book with pretty unexpected twists

and I am not gonna recycle it

and that means it is something good:)
now I have couple of questions:

  1. Where is the line, when his basic criminal novels become something interesting? I mean do I need to read those four books I missed before the snowman and all of the books after the snowman? or is The Snowman some accidental book and all of the rest parts are exactly the same as the first two books? 
  2. What is up with the Harry name? does it mean, that when you name your son Harry his chances of becoming fictional detective character skyrocket? I am talking about you Harry Dresden, Harry Bosch and Harry Hole :) Prince Harry, maybe you should think about getting a detective license? 

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