Sunday, May 15, 2016

I still believe in love

I knoooooooow

life taught me nothing :)

I believe in this kind of love:

I have one habit: I download music to my phone without listening to it and listen in shuffle mode

blues, rock, pop, electro-crap, country, folk, metal

you name it

I have it:)

after that, I am listening to it while being outside and I delete the songs I don't like and promote the songs I loved to my "The best" playlist

Martina McBride was from some The best Nashville hits or smth like that album

the moment I heard the lyrics I started smiling like the idiot who I am

that song gives me something extremely kind and joyful

if music was food, that would be my dessert :)
You could have let me drown
But you reached your hand out and you met me in the fire
You fanned the flames up higher
Could have left me for dead
But you pulled me from the edge
For loving me the way you do
I know I’m reckless
But you must be reckless too


I may be idiot

but I believe in love

and I will not stop smiling every time I listen to that song

you must be reckless toooooooo


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